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5 Reasons why we love stuffed animals

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Do you love your plushies to the moon and back? Sure you do!
Wondering why? There are a million reasons why you should.

If you’re a teddy bear owner, we bet you do.
If not, well, you should and you will after this read.

We’ve rounded up 5 reasons for you.
Wait, keep on reading, we’ve kept the best for last, you’ll get to know our plushies.

Behind every teddy bear is a story and might be tempted to hear it!
Without further ado, let’s get to know the reasons!

Cute stuffed animal - Smoky

When in need, your plush is your friend indeed

On your darkest day, you must go to your huggable buddies for sure!
They’re not only soft toys, but they’re also, without a doubt, more than that!
All you should do is to cuddle for comfort (It works like magic, believe me!)

Think we’re biased? Think again, all our gifters approve that our plushies lift their spirits and cheer them up. Visit our website to check our reviews.

Your stuffed animal is your Trusted Companion

¨Plushies not only do have the power to comfort and reassure you but they listen to your secrets. Hush, don’t tell anyone but tell your teddy bear everything.

You will have the presence of someone to whom you can express and confess.
Cool, isn’t it?

Aside from that, some confessed that they have a secret language with their teddy bears. They can be good secret bearers!

Plushies hold memorable moments

We all do have something that reminds us of the good old days. Your plush is one of them!

Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Nostalgia! The word that describes it the most!

Your first gift as a kid, your first reward after a “nice work” and your forever best gifts!

Let’s face it, they are one of the hallmarks of our childhood, we all agree on that!

Mind you, plushies are not only for kids and toddlers, adults befriend them too.

Everything happens for a reason”, right? There is no better reason to bring your fluffy pal into your life again than the reasons we’re mentioning. So, carry on reading till the end.

Dog plush

The sight of your plush can make your day!

Let’s agree on one thing, they are Known to make anyone’s day from the moment they step into your house.

There are no words to describe the cheerfulness and joy they bring.

Seriously, have you ever seen a cute plush in your entire life?

You haven’t? Hover over to our website.

Plushies make a Great Gift!

Apart from making your day, there is another, Gifting!
Old or Young, our soft plushies are gifts everyone will appreciate.

Stuffed animals are gifts that are suitable for every occasion.
Be it birthday, holidays, graduations or even valentine’s day. Literally, any occasion!

This is the most thoughtful gift that you’ll ever get, believe us!
Here’s a blog that gives you 7 reasons why you should give someone a gift!

After all, our first and foremost vision at Gift It is to make a great Gift for delivery.
Right to your doorstep, your gift will be delivered.

Wait, we’re not finished yet, now we’ll get to the best part, we’ll introduce you to our essential soft buddies.

Matata the Monkey Plush

Allow us to introduce our cute Matata the Monkey plush who’ll remind you of your favorite cartoon.
We’ve mentioned earlier how plushies have the power to evoke nostalgia! Also, every plush has a story behind it, right? Matata is all about nostalgia, we certainly know his story.

With open arms, our Matata is ready to welcome you home with a hug. He can be super cuddly.
The cherry on the cake, It’s made of recyclable material that is eco-friendly, the friendliness is beyond words!
Our plushies are doing their part to protect the environment, Yup! You heard it right.

Monkey plush toy

Smoky the Raccoon Plush

Raccoon is ready to make your day with a big smile on his face, innocent eyes and a cute rounded face. How can you not melt with this look on his face?

There is no better surprise for, literally, any occasion than Smoky the plush.
Be it your buddy’s birthday, to thank your beloved ones, to congratulate your kid for his accomplishments! It’s the go-to gift and we don’t say that lightly!

From age 0 to 40 and beyond, everyone agrees that it’s an overloaded adorableness.

Raccoon Plush

Shop our Raccoon plush

Ollie the Giraffe Plush

Ollie the giraffe plush is our one and Ollie, an all-time favourite teddy bear.

What makes him one of the best-selling plushies is the joy he bestows from the very first sight.

Not to mention, the unrivalled quality and the soft material that we can keep on talking about it on and on. ( btw: same goes for all our plushies)

Giraffe plush


Tora The Tiger Plush

Tigers are known to be wild animals. Not the case for our all soft and mild Tora the Tigre plush!
Fun fact: Our Tora is here to bring you unconditional love and a daily dose of dopamine.

Believe it or not, tigers could be super huggable and cuddly.
Tora is a timeless gift that could last for years to come and yet you can’t get enough of it. Tora is always ready for a cuddle!

Stuffed toys - tigre plush

Pekoms the Lion Plush

Pekoms is the king of the jungle
But that doesn’t mean that he’s not a soft plush, he’s one of the softest ones!
He’ll Soon become your inseparable friend and companion

Plus, who wouldn’t want to try hugging a Lion? No one! Because he’s one of our best huggers ever. Pekoms is a one-of-a-kind king cuddler.

The best part about our stuffed animals is that they can be hand washed!
Cool, huh?

Cute Lion Plush

Don’t believe us and think we’re biased? How about you get yours and see for yourself!
Everyone needs a soft stuffed animal in their life, which one will be your buddy?


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