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7 Reasons why you should give someone a gift! 

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Attention dear Gifters,

Presents are the pure joy of life, it’s never just about “that time of the year” nor “Valentine’s day is around the corner”!

You shouldn’t be giving gifts on special occasions and holidays only!

We know that typically people give presents on occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, valentine’s day or thanksgiving… But, we don’t want giving gifts to be typical and least of all occasional.

Gift-giving is for every now and then and for every time of the year. Here are 7 reasons why it is important and mostly to know what to give, read on to figure it out!

1- Spread Love every day

As we said earlier, there is no need to wait for Valentine’s day whatsoever to make your love roar!
Celebrate Love on a daily basis – be it your love for your romantic partner, mother, or even your friend…

We shouldn’t limit love to romantic occasions.

Romantic gift

Love is not about jewellery, perfumes, or any other expensive gifts. It is about giving a Box Full of Love, in other words, Gift it!

2- To congratulate someone for starting a new career

It’s a big life transition!

A good luck gift would boost their confidence, lift their spirits and prepare them for this career transition.

The greatest way to congratulate someone for this career move is to give a fluffy pal that will guide them throughout their new path.

3- To cheer them up

Ever thought about how to lift someone who is in despair? You should go for a gift that touches the heart.

There is nothing better than a thoughtful gift to lift someone’s spirit!

That said, you can go for a cute Hathi plush that is the perfect incarnation of a loving and caring buddy.

4- Show them that you care

Unexpected gifts are the best of all!

Gift it can be a reminder that “ Even though there is no special occasion but I still care enough about you to give you a special gift

It costs nothing but it can really mean the world to the people we care about.


5- Foster relationships

Gifts have the power to reinforce and strengthen relationships.

Try giving a small little cute Pakkun and see for yourself the amount of cuteness and warmth that he’ll bring to your beloved one!

Cute plushies

6- Express your Gratitude

Do you want to pay back the people who stood next to you in your darkest days when everything was going wrong?

Sometimes people can’t put their gratitude into words, that’s when Gift It comes to the rescue.

Give a Gift that speaks louder than words.

7- You simply need to!

What better reason to give gifts than “no reason at all”! You just want to treasure your loved ones and showcase your Love.
It’s high time we rethink our gift-giving timing because it really doesn’t matter when and why, you just felt like it!

No wonder at Gift it, our mission is to delight your friends, family, and even yourself because why not!

If you want a guarantee that everyone appreciates our gifts, what better proof than to see what our gifters say about us.
We’ve rounded up for you in the previous blog reasons why plushies are the best thank you gift. Head over and take a glimpse at our best thank you gifts!



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