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Our story

Welcome to the World of Gift It!

GIFT a Hug, GIFT Love

We bet you are curious about the story behind GiftIt! 

It all started with the vision to share the love on every occasion, for everyone, no matter where they are. 

At GiftIt, all we long for is to delight your friends, family, and yourself with the softest, fluffiest gift you can imagine!

Long gone are the days of the traditional typical presents that are ephemeral, all you need is a life-long gift. Flowers, chocolates, or candles bring temporary joy, yet, your plushie lasts for eternity.


GiftIt is a gift  EVERYONE will appreciate. Be it your best friend who stood next to you in your darkest times, your lover who’s always been there for you through thick and thin, or your kid who did something worth celebrating.

Even your pets, your number one pal, need to feel cared for. Keep them entertained, they deserve to be spoiled too, don’t you think?

GiftIt is the perfect gift for family and friends on every occasion.

It’s meant for all those who are seeking cuteness and in need of a soft cuddly friend!

If you’re looking for a birthday, graduation, Holiday or any other celebratory event gift, you came to the right place! 

The best part is you don’t need any occasion at all to gift a hug!

A story of a devoted Team

“Worldwide delivered happiness” is not a simple word, GiftIt is a thoughtful present. We bring Long-distance people together.

You live worlds apart? we make sure to shorten the distance between you!

At Giftit, our team works together to draw a smile on everyone’s face. Our team wraps your gift up wholeheartedly. Then, they’re ready to be delivered anywhere to make someone’s day.

The beginning of a new friendship starts right when you find it at your doorsteps.

All that our team wants is to spread love and happiness throughout the world and we do!

One thing is sure that we are missing hugs these days and That’s why GiftIt allows you to send your hug with soft plushies.

We have additional items to add to your shipped gift order because our gift looks good inside and out, we make your celebratory gift much more cute and special.

We are firm believers that there is nothing a Hug can’t fix!

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