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It goes without saying that birthdays remain the all-time favorite celebration, a moment where friends and family gather. However, we know that social distancing makes it hard to give gifts to your beloved ones.

Whether you live apart or not, what better way to wish a “Happy Birthday” than with a Fluffy furry plushie? We’ve got birthday gift ideas that everyone wishes to get!

Birthday gifts are something that we give from the bottom of our hearts, just think about the happiness that a plushie pal will bring out!
You should try it, it works like a charm!

Without further ado, now we’ll guide you to get the best gift for a special birthday; Be it to your son, daughter, mother or even grandpa. Everyone loves our stuffed animals, literally, everyone( we don’t say that lightly!)

Read on to check the best birthday gifts you can ever get!

Finnick teddy bear

Let’s start with one of our lovable teddy bears. Our Finnick is a smiling fox that is ready to be your best huggable friend. It’s a gift that will never be forgotten, a one-of-kind one as our plush teddy bear knows how to bestow happiness.

How can you hug our teddy bear and not fall in love with the soft silky material, after all?

With his colorful orangy touch, he will give you a cheerful feeling and bring you joy, For sure!

Cute plush

Hathi teddy bear

All you want to do is make their day extra special with a gift that will please anyone, right? We’ve got what you’re looking for!
Every heart melts just by hugging our little fluffy Hathi, he’s a surprise plush that will soon become your trusted companion.

Our Hathi adds joy and happiness to every home that welcomes him to the family.
He’ll be your perfect new buddy to cuddle with, I mean, I can’t think of a better surprise gift! He’s, literally, what we call the embodiment of a caring and lovely plush.
Our Hathi is said to bring a daily dose of love and affection, did you know that? Well, now you know!

Elephant plush

Mittens the Lamb Plush

Want a gift that delivers an overloaded cuteness? Look no further! Mittens plush is one of our cutest pals ever. Still thinking of how you could make someone’s birthday a memorable one, one that they won’t forget for years to come.

Rumor has it, our Mittens is the definition of adorableness and it is said to be one of the most thoughtful gifts.
It’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten, I can’t get enough of the unconditional love Mittens brings me,” says Melania, one of our gifters who got Mittens as a gift on her birthday.

Cute plushies - Mittens

Matata the Monkey Plush

Thinking of a gift that will bring out nostalgia and remind you of the old golden days, for every generation? We’ve got you covered!
We can’t recall someone who got our Matata and didn’t appreciate it. Never!

You need to check it out for yourself, you will feel the urge to get this birthday gift.
His arms are already wide open, ready for a hug.

No one ever can resist this fluffy hug that will lift up your spirit and cheer you up.
That’s not it, didn’t we mention that it’s extra cuddly? Well, now you know!

Monkey plush

Oreo the Cow Plush

Let us introduce our mooing cuteness. Oreo is one of our definite go-to-gifts, one that you can’t help but love, that is true love at first sight.
Our Oreo is not only pretty and all but he’s proved to bring boundless unconditional love to whoever gets.

No exaggeration here, but it is one of the cutest soft toys you can ever get or give as a gift, isn’t it? We bet he is.
We couldn’t think of a sweeter way to wish a Happy birthday than with a cute gift that says it loud and clear.

Cute plush -Oreo the Cow

Ollie the giraffe Plush

Like all our huggable soft toys, Ollie is no exception-same cuteness and fluffiness!
Yet, what makes Ollie stand out is the smile from ear to ear and the innocent look on his face, it’s human-like!

Our Ollie is a plush you can give on every occasion-not only birthday! But we know it’s perfect for birthdays. It’s a guaranteed surprise gift to cherish your loved ones with.
No matter how old you are, you can’t help but squeeze and cuddle our Ollie.

Giraffe plush

What are you waiting for to celebrate your birthdays with a cute plush?

The time has come for you to think of an innovative thoughtful gift, forget about all the boring plain gifts that you got used to. Make it special and different!
Unlike other gifts such as flowers or chocolates, your teddy bear is a lifetime gift, one that lasts for eternity and will keep you smiling forever.

Still don’t believe us? Head over to our website, you’ll be astonished!
There is no Better gift, don’t look anywhere else, you came to the right place.

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