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The perfect gift for easter

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Easter is around the corner! Did you know that it is the most important holiday in Christianity along with Christmas? Make this Easter, a celebration to remember!

It’s that time of the year when you might still be wondering what to give as a gift. At Gift it, bringing a smile to your friends and family or even to yourself is our duty! No wonder, we deliver happiness in a cute box full of Love!
Get a timeless gift, a box of chocolates, candy, flowers doesn’t last!

We will guide you through and give you Easter Gift Ideas for your beloved ones.
But before getting to that let us give you a few facts you might need to know about Easter!

We bet you are curious now and want to know these interesting facts about Easter? Keep on reading then!

How is Easter determined?

You might ask why does the date change each year? you’re about to figure it all out now!
Did you know that the date of Easter has a direct relationship with the Full Moon?
Now you know that Easter always comes on the first Sunday after the first full moon, following the spring equinox.

Easter is among the “moveable feasts” and this year 2021, Easter falls on Sunday, the 4th of April.

Why do we celebrate Easter?

Interested in knowing the origin of the word Easter? Read on!

You may know the story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, but you might not know about the origins of Easter.

Some say that the history of Easter goes back to ancient times and that the celebration was named after Eastre, the goddess of spring and fertility.

What can I send for Easter?

Now we know you’re thinking about your Easter gift, right?
If you want to win the award of the best grandparent, go ahead and pick up the best gift for your grand-kids.
If you’re a mom that wants to see her kid grin from ear to ear, no worries you have your perfect gift in here!
If you’re a lover that wants to confess and express love on Easter, you came to the right place. We’re about to introduce you to a list of our go-to-gifts, for everyone!

Celebrate Easter the right way!

Let’s begin with our cute Oreo that will, certainly, spread happiness and draw a smile on every child’s face. That said, our plushie Oreo is, literally, everyone’s best friend, not only kids! You’re not too young for a cute little pal like Oreo so don’t hesitate to give him as a gift on Easter! After all, it’s a gift everyone will appreciate.

Cute plash - Oreo


We suggest you take a look at this adorable cute Sasha, which is one of our all-time favorite and best sellers. Sasha is a huggable fluffy buddy that will, without any doubt, bring joy to whoever receives this gift.

Sasha Stuffed Animals

Let’s now get to know our friend Mittens who has the softest and gentlest hugs!
Mittens is, just like the real cute lamb, the definition of adorableness.
Seriously, just look at how cute he is. It’s worth mentioning again that he gives the best hugs ever!

Mittens Gift box


Go for a Jungle Bundle!

What better way to make someone smile on Easter than to send this Jungle Bundle, in which you will find wild fluffy friends.

Want to know how you can buy our Full Jungle Bundle collection?

It’s easy and simple, all you have to do is head over to our website here.

It is, certainly, a perfect Easter gift to make someone happier than ever!
Why settle for a plain gift when you can get a thoughtful gift that is guaranteed to make someone’s day!

Wait, we’re not finished yet, read on our latest blog “Plushies are the best thank you gift” you will find some of our other awesome gifts.


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