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Plushies improve mental health

Plushies improve mental health

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Stress and anxiety affect us all from time to time. But, did you know that stuffed animals can help you improve your mental health? YES, you heard it right!

Within the US alone, about 50% of grown-ups experience a few levels of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.
The good news is we found your remedy!

You might say that even animals are a source of therapy to their owners, they reduce anxiety, loneliness, and isolation. However, not everyone can own a pet, whether because they don’t have enough space, don’t have enough money or time. But there’s always room for a Teddy bear!

soft stuffed animal can erase all the negative energies

Reduce daily stress

Coming home to a soft stuffed animal can erase all the negative energies of a long day and make room for a daily dose of Love.

Your plushies can be your trusted and loyal friend who listens to you whenever you’re feeling down. Now we know you’re thinking how is that possible? you might even think that this is an exaggeration. Well, Not at all!

Amid the stress and isolation of the pandemic, some said that their fluffy buddies have been there for them. They have kept their company and soothed their loneliness; want to know how? Carry on reading.

Soothe loneliness

As adults, we tend to feel lonely especially if we travel to study abroad or move away to start on our own.

Some people claim that our plushies have helped them ease their loneliness, not only that but they also consider them as companions. Still not convinced? Listen to our Gifter’s story!

“Since the day I got Pakkun he, literally, became my soulmate. Anytime I feel homesick or alone I turn down to him for companionship and he gives the best hugs for comfort! Pakkun is more than a Fluffy plushie. I got him as a gift from my best friend, it’s the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever gotten, and it reminds me of our solid friendship. Pakkun has always been there for me through bad and good times.”

The Dog plush

Ease trauma and grief

Plushies are considered “Comfort objects” for a reason!
A study has shown that plush animal has the power to relieve children’s trauma.
Even therapists use stuffed animals as a remedy to help ease patients who deal with grief and loss for both children and adults.

Symptoms of separation, dissociation and disorganized attachment, can start from childhood that’s why having a fluffy stuffed animal can make miracles. It can give a sense of security, offer assistance and rebuild impaired attachment bonds.

Check out our blog Why are stuffed animals important for babies and children? to get to know more about how stuffed animals can be a pure therapy to children suffering from traumas.

Reduce social anxiety

We are living in a world where we’re all connected to our phones and computers which might create social anxiety. It should be no surprise, then, to know that stuffed toys help us deal with social anxiety.
Believe it or not, plushies could be better companions than living things.

Even though people may relate stuffed animals to kids, no one ought to be disgraced for keeping them into adulthood.
Your fluffy pals are good affectionate friends and NO you should not be ashamed to have a stuffed animal as a source of comfort!

From all of the mentioned above, we bet you’re now more ever persuaded that you need a plush in your life!
Although people who suffer from severe mental illnesses could benefit more from medicine, from time to time a thoughtful gift can do wonders!
Head over to our website to go over our best collection of plushies that you’ll certainly like!


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