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Cute plushies for mothers day

Reasons why everyday is a mother’s day, gift ideas!

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If you missed mother’s day, no worries, it’s never too late to give a gift to the woman who gave you the gift of life.

As we all know, for a fact, that nobody is too old for a teddy bear, we’re suggesting a range of our best-selling plushies.

But before getting to your go-to-gift ideas, we’ve rounded up reasons why you owe her EVERYTHING. Keep in mind that, there shouldn’t be a day that goes by without confessing and expressing your love.

Your mom is always by your side!

Your mother is the only person who’s always been there for you through thick and thin, the good and better days. She’ll always be!
You know you can always, ALWAYS, count on her no matter what happens because she’ll always be there for you and by your side.

Here’s a poem that sums up your love for your mom:
She’s the place you came from, your first home.
She’s the map you follow with every step you take.
Your mother ‘is always with you, by Deborah R Culver

That said, you need to uplift her spirit and show her the boundless love she’s always showered you with.

Thinking of what to give to the woman who’s given you so much affection?
What better gift than a huggable buddy that you can both name and welcome to the family as a new member that will soon be your trusted companion.

At Gift It, we deliver presents that not only your mom will appreciate but the whole family as well.

You live far away? Here’s another reason why you should send her a gift!

You live worlds apart, the circumstances and the social distancing has made it hard for you to send a thoughtful present?
Nothing can stand in your way to express your unconditional love to the woman who’s been there for you since day one.

As we all know, a thoughtful gift can bring people together and shortens the distance (Believe us, it does). A cute surprise gift has the power to make her day and draw a smile on her face.
Always remember that kids need guidance on what to give to their beloved mothers, a simple ” Dad may you help me pick a gift for mom?” can be enough.
If you’re a grown-up, you should know by then that this is a special gift for a special human being who’s always cared for your happiness, time for you to make her smile.
Now we’re going to intervene, we’ll give you a guide on what to send your mother for every and any occasion not simply mother’s day.

Before we get to our best buddies, Know that gift-giving could be vice-versa, it goes both ways. As we mentioned earlier, there’s always room for a new buddy and an addition to the family.

Mittens the Lamb

Now here are our mittens, he can be the family’s new member. It’s a present we bet that, with no doubt, will warm her heart.
This is the most thoughtful gesture ever, just look at this adorableness. All our mittens do is bring warmth and affection not only to your mother but to the whole family. Who can’t resist this cuteness anyway?

Cute plushies - Mittens


Oreo the Cow

If you’re looking to send a forever loving memory, how about a gift to delight your forever companion. Our Oreo the cow plush bestows a mooing love to the woman who’s worn her heart on her sleeve.
Express your gratitude for all that she’s done for you through a fluffy friend. Who doesn’t like a teddy bear after all?
Cute plush -Oreo the Cow


Hathi The elephant

One of our all-time favourites from the Jungle collection is our fluffy pal Hathi. We don’t say it lightly but Hathi is the definition of affection, if you want to spread love, now you know how to!
This cute plushie gives the best cuddles you can ever imagine.
He will Keep on showering your mother with a daily dose.

Jungle Bundle , contains 8 plushes

There’s always a reason why you should send a gift to your loved ones. Be it your mother, your mother-in-law, your wife or any motherly figure in your life. We’ve got you covered, we deliver your precious surprise gift right at Their Doorsteps. Head over to our website and check out our best seller the Jungle Bundle.

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