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Is Sleeping With Plushies Normal for Adults?

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Is it okay for adults to have stuffed animals?

SPOILER ALERT! If you’re on the team of Stuffed animals lovers, the good news is that, believe it or not, it is healthy and beneficial. Carry on reading, the facts you’re about to know will certainly blow your mind away.

Don’t worry you are not alone, celebrities and famous actors do not hide their sentimental attachment to their plushies too.

Never without my plushie!

To begin with, did you know that, more or less, half of Americans reported that they still sleep with their teddy bear? Adding to that, 44% of adults reported that they still keep their childhood plushies. No wonder, they give the best cuddles ever!

According to the New York Times, Lela More, an audience writer, mentioned that some people stated they:

don’t call them toys! They are real, like “The Velveteen Rabbit”) got them through more mundane stresses: graduate school exams, homesickness, the loneliness of business travel.”

Your Plushie is your travel buddy!

Talking about travelling, it is worth mentioning the example of celebrities who reported that their stuffed animals are their inseparable buddies.
Paparazzi photographed actors holding their plush animals on trips such as Chinese actors Wu Jinyan, Nie yuan and the list goes on and on.

Your stuffed animal can be your secret keeper:

Not only do Grown-ups have a sentimental attachment to their plushies but they also consider them as trusted buddies.
As a social proof, TV presenter CAROL VORDERMAN stated that she has a secret language with her plushie Bungee.


Your plushie has the power to make your day!

Sleeping with your plushie can erase a whole stressful day and bring you peace. Though it might seem unreal, believe it or not, 56% claim that sleeping with a stuffed animal gives a feeling of comfort and consolation.

Let’s take the example of psychotherapist Margaret Van Ackeren who stated:

“In most instances, adults sleep with childhood plushies because it brings them a sense of security and reduces negative feelings, such as loneliness and anxiety”

Plushies friend

Less snoring, more tranquillity!

Now let’s get to an interesting fact about sleeping with plushies. A study conducted shows that people who still sleep with their stuffed animals are less likely to snore and more likely to sleep comfortably than others.

Say goodbye to snoring now that you know the remedy, you sleep peacefully with your cute plush!

Millennials love stuffed animals!

Another interesting fact is that studies have shown that 16% of millennials,8 % of Generation X still sleep with their plushies compared to only 8% of the baby-boom generation. Impressive right?

All of the grown-ups who still sleep with their plushie claim that they can’t go anywhere without their stuffed animal, let alone, falling asleep without it.

If you still have an emotional attachment to your plushie, can’t go anywhere without it, still sleep at night while snuggling your Kawaii plushies, you chose the right companion.

Not to mention that you’re among the kindest and most empathetic people.
You don’t have a stuffed animal companion, What are you waiting for? befriend a huggable plushie that will light up your days.


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