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Why are people who wear wacky socks more successful, brilliant and creative?

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It doesn’t matter what society dictates, they might tell you to wear plain white or black colors! Don’t about what they say, rules are meant to be broken, you know!
You probably know that people who wear wacky socks are dope, of course, you do and it’s worth mentioning again.

Congratulations! If you belong to wacky socks wearers then you are part of the individualistic community, not one of the conformists!

Wearing crazy socks means that you’re not a part of the pack and that you are a one-of-a-kind individual.

So dear wacky socks wearers, keep your head held high and wear your crazy socks loud and proud!

Crazy socks with plush design


Wacky socks wearers stand out from the crowd!

Conformists are people who tend to conform to social norms, choose to opt for basic fashion and avoid unconventional behaviours. Believe me, you don’t want to be part of them, ever!
You should, boldly and proudly, go for rebellious fashion which makes you stand out of the crowd and that doesn’t make you unreasonable.

The study of The Journal of Consumer Research found that the nonconformist community is being competent and successful.

Is being a nonconformist good? Of course, it is! In case you didn’t know, it makes you a great leader too!

The Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau is the perfect example in this case! He doesn’t miss any occasion to showcase his uniqueness. We can recall The World Economic Forum Summit as an example of one of the most formal occasions, yet, he stood out!

Wearing plain colours is basic and boring, always go for the wackiest colours ever!

Silvia Belleza, Francesca Gino, and Anat Keinan state that:

“A series of studies demonstrate that people confer higher status and competence to nonconforming rather than conforming individuals”

Believe it or not, If you wear crazy socks, you are more creative!

Crazy socks wearers are not only more Successful but also more brilliant and creative. You want to find out how? keep on reading!

Wearing wacky socks is a celebration of creativity and an expression of fun-loving.

Another living proof that people who wear wacky socks are more brilliant, is the tv host Ellen Degeneres. You must know that she is one of the most brilliant and creative human beings.

If you step out of the conventional, you are among the individualistic community. As a consequence you distinguish yourself from the other, you’re a brilliant individual.

Crazy socks are a revolution against social norms!

Wearing funky socks can be perceived as an act of rebellion against the plain and boring social norms.

Your wacky socks are here to spice up your day and for you to slay each time you wear them. As a matter of fact, several studies show that your clothing choices define how people perceive us.

Lucky you, if you’re a wacky socks lover, you belong to the dope people. You don’t want to follow the crowd for sure and want to show off your uniqueness.

Gift Plushies Pillows Socks white black toraCrazy wacky socks

At the end of the day, it’s your socks that define who you are and how people perceive you so Choose wisely.
At Gift it, we have the cutest funky socks that come in a surprise box.
Opt for crazy wacky socks and embrace your Uniqueness.

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