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Stuffed animals for babies

Why are stuffed animals important for babies and children?

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It is no secret that kids’ most favourite toys are cute stuffed animals. But did you know that their soft toys can have educational and psychological benefits? Why not make your toddler happy with a surprise box delivered with love by Gift It?

Here are 5 main benefits your child will experience while playing with his plushies.

Crazy how plushies can be your baby’s source of comfort and reassurance:

Plushies are your baby’s much-needed source of consolation. They have the power to ease and reassure them when in distress. Help reduce stress, regulate their blood pressure, and boost endorphins, the body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals.

Did you know a study proved that teddy bears can relieve children’ traumas? They can be a source of comfort for those who were exposed to war?

Another interesting fact to mention is that when there is a threatening change such as welcoming a new sibling. Children feel less threatened with their plushie next to them.
They feel like they are in the presence of a friend with whom they can speak and confess to.

Convincing them that their new sibling gave them that gift box can also be a Genius idea.

2. Stuffed animals have to power to develop your child’s language skills :

Having a soft toy can be an opportunity for toddlers to practice while trying to express themselves and say their first words.

Experts stated that when parents make stuffed animals communicate with each other. It paves the way for boosting their kids’ reading and writing skills.

The presence of stuffed animals helps children not only recognize animals’ names such as Finnick, smoky, elephants.. but also their sounds, and here comes your role as a parent! We’ll gladly deliver a best friend for your kiddo.

Gift a plush

3. Soft toys can enhance your toddler’s sensory and touch skills, but how?

The way your child develops what you see, hear, feel is by having a cute fluffy plushie.

Soft toys can play the role of a facilitator for children to discover new things.

It is a way for them to start exploring sensory skills through plushies’ colours and touch since they cuddle and snuggle up soft toys.

If you don’t have sensory toys, we recommend you do! Head over to our Website, you will find a whole range of cute plush toys your kids will, absolutely, love and learn!

4. Stuffed toys can help children build confidence and practice social skills :

As mentioned above, by communicating with their stuffed animals, children not only practice their vocabulary. But also create their first relationship which will boost their self-esteem.

Aside from that, they will feel less lonely as they have a fluffy pal by their side.
This relationship will be a simulation and a preparation for the real world as they learn how to communicate, empathize, care and nurture other people.

Research made stated that children enhance their desire to communicate with others during play-acting because it helps them consider other people.

5.Your kids can gain a sense of responsibility:

You might wonder how is it possible for a toddler to gain a sense of responsibility at an early age? Simply, they will take after them, nurture them, feed them, put them to bed which will foster their sense of responsibility.

Adding to that, toddlers can learn certain new skills through imitating their plushie. For instance, if you want them to learn how to eat by themselves. You can show them how it is done by pretending to feed their teddy bear and allow them to replay the process.

At Gif it, our first and most important goal is to bolster your child’s social skills while caring for a huggable soft friend. That will be there for him through thick and thin.

Not only that, a plushie like Matata can help you teach your child some stories that they will remember, behind each and every soft toy there is a story!

Curious and want to discover how plushies are also adults’ BFF? Read our previous blog to discover fun facts about plushies’ relationship with adultsIs it okay for adults to have stuffed animals?”

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