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Stuffed animal gift box

Why are stuffed animals the perfect gift of all time?

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We’ve all struggled to find the perfect gift for our beloved ones, we’ve looked it out EVERYWHERE but in vain, what about a gift for delivery? Our Gift it surprises box will just be the go-to gift for you, one that will bestow happiness for sure!

Everyone needs a soft, cuddly pal in their lives. Curious to know why?
So without further ado, let’s get started! We’ve listed 4 reasons why stuffed animals are your must-have gift. Read on to find out!

Stuffed animal box

You can cuddle for comfort

What better way to show someone you care about them than sending them a huggable friend?

Plushies are a gift EVERYONE needs, not only kids, but adults also adore sleeping while cuddling a teddy bear.
As a matter of fact, half of Americans reported that they still sleep with their teddy bear.

Not to mention that if everything is falling apart and nothing is going right, your plushie will be there for you to give you a dopamine hit.

So how can you not send a much-needed hug for your beloved ones in a surprise box from Gift it?

Your Plushie can be your secrets bearer!

When everything is falling apart and nothing is going right, your teddy bear will be your trusted friend and confidant.

Apart from being super cuddly and cute, plushies can be your secret keeper too!
TV presenter CAROL Vorderman confessed that she has a secret language with her plushies.

Children too have an intimate relationship with their teddy bears, they consider them as a fluffy pal that listens to their concerns and understands them.

Adding to that, research has found that this type of conversation helps kids enhance their desire to communicate with others.

Pushie gift box

The most thoughtful and meaningful gift ever!

The best part about gifting a plushie is that it could be the perfect gift for any occasion (birthdays, newborns, valentine’s day, and the list goes on) and you can Gift it to anyone( be it your significant other, your kid, or anyone you cherish).

Plushies are the ultimate gift to express and confess your feelings as they teach us how to love and nurture us with a daily dose of affection. No wonder they are the best gift!

At Gift it, we have a collection of huggable plushies that you won’t be able to let go of!
After all of this, we bet you can’t think of a better gift, can you? Carry on reading, we’ve saved the best for last!

You can keep your Plushie forever!

Unlike other gifts such as flowers or chocolates, your plushies are a long-lasting gift.
They are indeed a lifetime gift, one that lasts for an entire lifetime.

Flowers might make you smile for a day, your stuffed animal, on the other hand, will make you smile for an eternity.
It’s the kind of gift you will enjoy for years to come.

Stuffed animal gift

After all of this, we bet you can’t think of a better gift than our cute plushies, can you?
What are you waiting for to light up the day of your beloved ones through a Gift it surprise box? Gift a hug, Send happiness in a gift box.

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